Dr. Noah Segal


"My name is Laura, I am 58 years old, and I am very grateful for the success I have had with Dr. Noah."

Over the years, I had spent countless hours trying to solve the mysteries of my hair loss and a constant tingling in my face. MRI's, blood work,  x-rays, and endless doctors yielded no answers for me. 

After completing a program with Dr. Noah, I discovered GI issues, food reactions, and nutrient deficiencies that had never been identified through standard blood work. I felt better in a very short time. My hair has started some new growth, the tingling in my face is 100% gone. I feel less bloated, my inflammation is down, and I can lift weights again without being in pain. 

"I was considering surgery and needed professional advice beyond just my primary care physician."

Dr. Noah identified my food allergies and prescribed the right supplements and diet to slow down my risk of diabetes and treat my issues. I am thankful for his expertise and the lessons he taught me.

"Dr. Noah is the best doctor to work with. He is honest, kind and very approachable."

He cares about people and gives them all the help they need to achieve their health goals. Dr. Noah explained things about my health clearly and quickly set up a course of action.

I came to Dr. Noah because I had a terrible ringing in my ear, it went away soon after I began the treatment plan. Also, My blood pressure readings have been excellent!